Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

4scotty for IT talents

  • For which target group is 4scotty intended?

    Anyone working in IT as an employee or freelancer: Software Developers, Product and Project Managers, Engineering Managers, Quality Assurance Experts, UX/UI Designers, System Administrators, Data Scientists, Technical Consultants, etc. Whether you are actively or latently looking for a new job, with 4scotty you can easily get the best fitting job offers.

  • Do I also find remote jobs on 4scotty?

    Yes, even though it is not our focus, you can still find remote jobs on 4scotty.

  • Do I also find jobs that are located outside of Germany?

    Not yet. At the moment most of the jobs on 4scotty are located in Germany. In the near future we are planning to expand to Switzerland and Austria.

  • Do I find jobs on 4scotty that do not require German language skills?

    Yes! Even though most of the jobs on 4scotty are located in Germany, German language skills are not always mandatory. Many companies are already counting on internationality in their teams and use English as their company language. Fitting candidates are often even supported at obtaining a work visa and German language lessons.

  • What differentiates 4scotty from other job portals?

    Instead of tediously browsing through tons of insignificant job ads, setup a profile on 4scotty to tell employers what exactly you are looking for and what your skills are. Top companies approach you with individual and transparent job offers including salary details. You decide which jobs excite you.

  • Do I still have to apply for jobs?

    You don’t have to, but you certainly can! If you don’t want to wait for your dream company to get in touch with you, you can also call their attention with a one-click-application. All jobs that could suit you are presented on your dashboard. With just one click you can then easily apply for all interesting positions, your 4scotty profile attached.

  • Is it possible for personnel service providers to contact me at 4scotty?

    No! Personnel service providers have no access to 4scotty. Seeking companies will contact you directly and all interview invitations will be checked regarding their fit to your profile. This will protect you against unfitting job offers and save you time.

  • Is 4scotty free for candidates?

    Sure, as a tech professional, you do not have to pay to join. If you get an interview invite via 4scotty, the interested company will cover your travel costs.

  • Can I sign up anonymously?

    Employers will only see your contact details after you have accepted their invite for an interview. You can additionally decide to also hide your name and photo in your profile.

  • Is it possible for my current employer to see my profile?

    No! Should your current employer also be active on 4scotty, he will not find your profile at all; you are not visible to him. You just need to make sure you enter the right name of your current company into the work experience of your 4scotty profile. Our system automatically hides your profile then.

  • What is the meaning of the term 4scotty?

    Despite the high demand for IT-Professionals, they rarely experience the kind of recognition that they deserve. So we wanted to choose a name that expresses our appreciation for their amazing abilities. Who enjoys a higher reputation than the ingenious chief engineer and lieutenant commander of the USS Enterprise, Montgomery Scott, when it comes to tech and engineering? That's why we came up with the name 4scotty. 4scotty represents our effort to not only recognize and appreciate the tremendous feats IT-specialists are accomplishing every day, but also to help them finding the best jobs they can have.

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4scotty for employers

  • When do I have to pay as an employer?

    Service fees are success-based. Talking with top tech professionals, creating open positions and an employer profile is free. You only have to pay a commission if you hire a candidate.

    If you choose our Premium Services, there will also be a monthly fee. The services include the suggestion of fitting candidates and a pre-check of applications to your open positions by our recruiters. Additionally you get an extended guarantee for free replacement up to 90 days.

    If you have a very high demand for IT professionals, we also provide customized offers.

  • How much does 4scotty cost for employers?

    If you hire a 4scotty candidate we charge a placement fee of 15% of the annual target salary of the candidate.

    If the candidate leaves your company within 30 days for whatever reason, you can hire another candidate for the same position via 4scotty free of charge.

    Additionally you can use our Premium Services with an extended guarantee for free replacement and more services. You will find all information on our pricing page.

  • What is the advantage compared to other platforms?

    On 4scotty you do not have to search for candidates. In fact, we automatically present you the best fitting candidates for your vacancies and general conditions. You do not have to go through endless profiles and contact hundreds of candidates to fill your position.

    We provide support during the whole process and stay in touch with you and the candidate. This helps us to ensure a much higher response rate to your interview invitations.

  • Can I use my job ads?

    Yes, you can use your job ads to quickly put your open positions into 4scotty. Nevertheless, we are no traditional job market that just displays job ads. 4scotty is designed to automatically recommend the best fitting candidates to you and to significantly shorten and simplify your recruiting process. The job profile is used to match the best fitting candidates and is furthermore presented in their dashboard. The best results are also shown to you in your dashboard or sent to you via email. This way you can easily pre-select and invite the best fitting candidates for an interview.

  • Is it also possible to receive applications for my open positions?

    Yes! Your open positions are also presented to the candidates who have the required qualifications. Interested candidates can apply for your position with a one-click-application based on their 4scotty profile. Afterwards it is your turn to send an interview invitation to the best fitting applicants.

  • How binding are my job offers?

    You can easily invite every potentially fitting candidate to a telephone or personal interview. In case of an onsite interview at your premises, you commit to cover the candidate’s travel expenses. Everything else remains open to negotiation. Should you realize that the candidate does not fit, the job offer can be withdrawn at any time.

  • How do you ensure a good quality of candidate profiles?

    We maintain a high quality standard regarding candidate profiles. Only a part of all candidates get approved. Our experienced recruiters check every single profile manually for plausibility and topicality and intensively use other sources for verifying profile data.

  • Which of my open positions can I fill with the help of 4scotty?

    4scotty helps you to fill all positions in the field of IT: Software Developers, Product and Project Managers, Development Managers/CTOs, Quality Assurance Experts, UX/UI Designers, System Administrators, Data Scientists, Technical Consultants, etc. On 4scotty you will find candidates with the respective skills, mainly looking for a permanent position, but also freelancers.

  • Is 4scotty also open for recruitment agencies?

    No, sorry. Our goal is it to make the recruiting process from the outset for both, companies and candidates, as easy and transparent as possible. Besides the disclosure of earning possibilities and expected salaries this implies the direct contact between company and candidate.

  • Why are there only IT candidates on 4scotty?

    4scotty is tailored to the specific needs of Tech experts and IT recruiters. This way we help candidates to find the best job and companies to easily fill their IT vacancies. Especially in this narrow field it is often difficult to find the right people through traditional recruiting channels.

  • Why are IT experts using 4scotty?

    Skilled IT experts do not have to apply for jobs, but weekly receive vague job offers via different channels. Normally these job offers are not transparent, do not include all needed information and are often unfitting. Moreover, in the jungle of job ads, the search for fitting positions is very time-consuming. Therefore, candidates love 4scotty. Here they get fitting job offers with a direct invitation for an interview.

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